Case Studies

A Mobile based Referral and comparison shopping service

The Brief

Develop a mobile shopping app which combines the following functionality as an MVP for investor pitch.

  • Comparison shopping where users can search for a product across multiple e-commerce portals.
  • Ability for a user to search for products by click a picture of it, by speech and by enter the product name as textual input.
  • Ability for a user to share product purchase details on social media through intelligent links which should enable the user to earn cashback if anyone purchased thar product using that link.
  • A custom wallet for cashbacks to be credited.
  • A Web dashboard to show user purchase and referral statistics.

The Solution

To fulfil these expectations for the mobile app, we first researched and identified the available services that can be used to fulfil them. Based on this research, the following services were identified.

  • Visual Search - CloudSight API, which specializes in image recognition and mobile visual search was identified as the right fit.
  • Voice Search - Android native speech to text feature was picked.
  • Product Catalogue for product search across portals - Semantics3 was selected for cross portal product search.
  • Deep Linking - Branch Metrics was selected for generating contextual deep links.
  • Wallet - Paypal was used for building the custom wallet.

Using APIs from the above services, a unified and integrated Android app and backend service was developed which provided a transparent and seamless user experience fulfilling the client expectations.

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